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sirjoey-23 asked: Hey shiny, what's your favorite movie?

Can’t really say I have one bro lol, i don’t watch a lot of movies (that’s changing though)

I did see this cool not-well-known anime called stranger of the sword. Loved it. 

What about you and everyone else? what’s your favorites

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sirjoey-23 asked: Hey shiny, do you read comic books?

Yep! i actually gotta renew my spidey sub. But I think i’ll pass up on the other 4 marvel books, the postman keep losing my shizz. 

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saeevaze asked: Hi! Just wanted to say you have a lovely set of illustrations here! They have a very nice nostalgic feel from illustrated books I had as a child. I always aspired to be able to draw/paint like that :)

:) that is a heartwarming observation :) thank you for taking the time to comment

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